Progressive Leadership.  A City that Works for All of Us.

Progressive Policies to Help Everyone Get Ahead

Too many in our community are struggling in poverty or find themselves one car repair or medical bill away from being homeless. Lucy’s experience supporting homeless families through her work at ShelterCare will shape her priorities as Mayor. She will prioritize:

  • Expanding the full array of homelessness solutions including emergency shelters, transitional and long-term housing
  • Focusing on affordable housing and livable neighborhoods so everyone who wants to contribute to our city can afford to live here
  • Strengthening labor protections for workers

Progressive Policies for a Sustainable Future

Lucy believes in conserving and restoring our natural landscape. We must plan with an eye to the dual challenges of climate change and population growth. Lucy will focus on:

  • Improving outreach to neighbors affected by increased density to protect the quality and character of our local neighborhoods and parks
  • Promoting Eugene’s long tradition of sustainability, environmental protection and the development of new green businesses and clean energy systems to make Eugene a leader in renewable energy and conservation
  • Opposing urban sprawl that infringes on our agricultural and forested lands
  • Expanding public transportation options and enhance safety for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers

Progressive Policies to Foster Public Trust

Lucy believes in encouraging creative solutions at all levels. This means supporting the businesses and community organizations that create jobs and are the engine of economic development in Eugene. As Mayor, Lucy will bring community leaders, local business owners, and neighbors together to push forward:

  • Infrastructure improvements, such as fiber optic internet connections, that benefit our existing start-ups and attract new businesses to Eugene
  • Revitalization of our downtown to attract new investments and create jobs
  • New clean energy industries that can compete in the economy of the future

Progressive Policies for Equity for All

Eugene is a place where Lucy’s family has had the opportunity to live well and to thrive. She is running for Mayor because she wants Eugene to be a place where everyone has the opportunity to live well. She promises to:

  • Respect Eugene’s diversity and fight against discrimination of any kind
  • Oppose profiling that targets members of minority communities
  • Support the mission of our public safety officers by prioritizing transparency, independent oversight, and collaboration across city agencies

Progressive Policies to Improve Education and Training

Lucy believes in fostering relationships between the city, educational institutions, and businesses to create a culture of opportunity for people at all levels. As Mayor, Lucy will:

  • Advance a variety of mentoring, internship, and apprenticeship opportunities for young people
  • Work to match our career and technical education to the needs of our modern workforce
  • Create partnerships to engage young people in fine arts, music, film, and other media